Colorectal Cancer clinical trials statistics as of 27th dec 2016

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Summarized clinical trials landscape for colorectal cancer as on 27th dec 2016.

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Clinical trials intelligenceBy: TrialsFind PRO

Colorectal cancer clinical trials overview

  1. 1166 open studies for Colorectal cancer.
  2. 12% of trials are in phase 1.
  3. 27% of trials are in phase 2.
  4. 14% of trials are in phase 3.
  5. 2% of trials are in phase 4.

Colorectal cancer clinical trials design

  1. Primary purpose for 55% of clinical trials is treatment, 6% of trials is prevention and 5% of trials is diagnostics.
  2. The intervention model is 43% for parallel group assignment and 31% for single group assignment.
  3. 34% of colorectal cancer studies were for safety/efficacy, 23% for efficacy alone and 7% for safety alone.
  4. 64% are open label and 7% are double blind.
  5. 40% of trials are randomized while 10% are Non-randomized.

Colorectal cancer clinical trials phase 3 completions

Within next year, 17 studies will be completing phase 3 trials.

Colorectal cancer clinical trials by sponsor type & Phase




Colorectal cancer clinical trials by top 5 sponsors & Phase




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