Non small cell lung cancer clinical trials statistics – 26 Dec 2016

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Summarized clinical trials landscape for non-small cell lung cancer as of 26th dec 2016.

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Clinical trials intelligence By: TrialsFind PRO

NSCLC clinical trials overview

Of the 15257 open cancer studies on, 988 (6.5%) are studies for NSCLC. Merck, Novartis and Astrazeneca are the most active industry players in NSCLC.

  1. 19% of trials are in phase 1.
  2. 43% of trials are in phase 2.
  3. 13% of trials are in phase 3.
  4. 1% of trials are in phase 4.

NSCLC clinical trials design

  1. The primary purpose for 75% of clinical trials is treatment and 3% of trials are for diagnostics.
  2. In terms of trial design, the intervention model is 45% single group assignment and 37% parallel group assignment.
  3. 45% of NSCLC studies are for safety/efficacy, 20% for efficacy alone while 10% are for safety alone.
  4. 77% of the trials are open label and 5% are double blinded.
  5. 27% of trials are randomized while 16% are Non-randomized.

NSCLC clinical trials phase 3 completions

Within the next year, 15 studies will be completing phase 3 trials.

NSCLC clinical trials by sponsor type & Phase


National Institutes of Health are involved with 81 open studies in NSCLC. Of these, 21 are in phase I, 50 are in phase II and 10 are phase III trials.


The majority of trials are sponsored by industry. Out of 484 industry sponsored trials, 164 are in phase I, 247 are in phase II, 68 are in phase III and 5 are in phase IV.


NSCLC clinical trials by top 5 sponsors & Phase


Of the phase I trials, NCI is involved in 21 trials, Merck is next at 14 trials, Novartis with 12 trials, Astrazeneca with 11 trials and Bristol Myers Squibb with 2 trials.


Of the phase II trials, NCI is involved in 48 trials, Merck is next at 21 trials, Astrazeneca with 19 trials, Novartis with 15 trials and Bristol Myers Squibb with 14 trials.


Of the phase III trials, NCI is involved in 9 trials, Bristol Myers Squibb with 7 trials, Astrazeneca with 6 trials and Merck with 5 trials.

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