Paid clinical trials – a necessary evil?

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For almost all medical researchers, testing what they have created is an important task. Every medicine being created needs to undergo a series of tests in order to make sure that they are safe for consumption by the public and the rest of the patients needing treatments. Without having the right medical research, releasing the drugs into the market is impossible and risky, both! For one, you might be aware of the effects this can leave on those who are already suffering from certain medical conditions.

It can only be verified through trial and error methods as it is almost impossible to gauge the effects certian medications have on people who are suffering from it. In order to get medical research done on human beings, all the companies need human volunteers who are willing and ready to have the drugs tested on them. It is easier said than done, as there are not many people who will opt for clinical trials and risk their life . Therefore, the turnover for the human volunteers agreeing and willing to give their bodies for free is comparatively low and hard to find.

However, with the increasing number of diseases and issues, companies are seeking more and more human volunteers so that they can have a better idea of their drugs and help to solidify the medical research. This has led the companies to follow the concept of Paid Clinical Trials as it is easier to get volunteers if they are paid a hefty amount for this. Whenever someone decides to sign up for a paid clinical trial, they receive a payment to allow the company to test the new drugs on them. Basically, they are being used as Human Guinea Pigs. However, this might not be the case anymore. Clinical trials are being carried out in a regulated and strictly controlled environment, in order to ensure that if any sort of medical emergency arises, there are protection and solutions on hand for the participants. This will make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Moreover, all human subjects that sign up for paid clinical trials are being taught and warned about how and what they might experience when new drugs will be administered to them and what effects it might cause on the human body. The surgeons and medical experts will completely explain about the clinical trial that is to be conducted in order to confirm whether they are allowed to carry on the experiment further or not. Only if the participant agrees to their demands, can they proceed. It can be said that paid clinical trials are a better solution and a great idea that allows people to aid in medical research that results in better medicinal treatment for the entire population.

How Paid Clinical Trials have become a menace sometimes?

While the concept of giving paid clinical trials has helped many to sustain as well as earn while under treatment, truth is that the principal is being exploited at many places and occasions. The patients are seeking paid clinical trials without even thinking of consequences or ill effects on their health. While the labs, scientists and surgeons are quite careful and cautious while dispencing treatment, sometimes there are still problems. Moreover, there are always some frauds in the industry that will promise to pay you in lieu of testing and at the end, they will run away leaving you with strange illness and drugs side effects. Thus, the primary factor that you should consider while enrolling yourself for clinical trial or medical research is to go to a reputed organization. You must check their history, previous researches and records and also what contribution they have made to industry. If they are new to industry then check about their facts, their scientists involved, and get a written agreement for the results or any mishaps in advance. After all, at the end of the day it is your duty to ensure that you are not falling into the trap of wrong people. Just because someone is saying that they will pay you money does not means that they are reputed team. Sometimes it is just a gimmick to try new experiments which could prove fatal on humans, which is not beneficial to you.

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